casey mooney connects & builds

Casey has an inherent left-brain/right-brain balance which gives her the unique ability to manage the business aspects of creativity. She has an exceptional eye for talent and she makes creating easier.


Casey connects talent

Casey has had the privilege of producing award-winning work for storied creatives throughout her career and has a deep appreciation for the qualities that contribute to making good things great.

Her greatest joy has always been identifying people’s hopes, dreams, and skill-sets and matching them to opportunities that allow them to shine.

Whether it is connecting individuals with great companies, small agencies and brands with complementary service providers or creative directors with promising talent, she has a solid history of making connections that provide value to everyone involved.

If you are a creative looking for a new workplace, a creative director looking for talent in creative, production or project management, a creative launching a new enterprise or a small company looking for complementary partnerships, Casey can help you make valuable connections.


Casey builds creative enterprises

“Be regular and ordinary in your life that you may be violent and original in your work.”
— Flaubert

As a partner to Chief Creative Officers throughout her career, Casey manages
the regular and ordinary so Creatives are free to defy limitations. 

She has a solid track record of defining the structure that supports sky-high ideation.
She helps start-ups evaluate their objectives and define the most efficient processes
to support creation of great work. Whether it is defining workflow and authoring
documentation or evaluating and identifying collaboration tools, she can help build
a foundation that allows you to focus less on process and more on product.


Diversity drives innovation

If you want breakthrough ideas, you have to facilitate breakthrough thinking. This means filling the room with people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and tastes.

Casey Mooney is committed to moving the industry towards representation that better reflects our audience and welcomes a diverse pool of creative talent.

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kind words

Catherine McCulloch Knudsen

Catherine McCulloch Knudsen

Co-Founder / Canvas Interiors

Casey is insightful and has an innate sense for guiding and growing people. She has a proven track record of finding, hiring and connecting talent to the right projects. She always leaves a place better than how she found it. I would highly recommend working with Casey. She is one in a million.

Jeremy Summer

Jeremy Summer

Creative Producer/Partner / Little Moving Pictures

I saw an ad for a project manager job at a place called Cutwater which was so new it didn’t have a website. I showed up and everyone was wearing t-shirts and playing ping pong and pinning ideas to gator boards. I had no idea, so I wore an ill fitting suit, but I think Casey could tell after we talked that I was really one of those people who should be wearing a t-shirt, pinning ideas to gator boards. She hired me and oversaw my earliest days in this business and set me off on something that has changed the course of my life. When it was time to make my next move, I reached out to Casey for advice. She introduced me to the founders at MUH-TAY-ZIK HOF-FER who brought me on as a producer. So many of the people i’ve worked with since are a direct result of those connections. Now that I’m running my own production company, Little Moving Pictures, I’m so excited that Casey is putting herself in the business of identifying and sharing talented people with people who need their services, I imagine there will be plenty of happy people on both sides of that equation.

Michael Brady

Michael Brady

Founder & Principal / The ReSize Guys

While at Cutwater, Casey put together one of the best creative departments I have worked with. The thoughtfulness that went into sourcing the range of talents needed for this high-octane group was genius. And once in place, the shepherding of said talent ensured that great ideas came to life. The full team was in place for well over a year, which in advertising is practically unheard of. This demonstrates the bond that was created through mutual respect. Casey has a natural knack for connecting the most appropriate partners.

Denise Cole

Denise Cole

Associate Creative Director / J. Walter Thompson Worldwide

I got to work with some of the most talented, most interesting, most genuinely beautiful people I’ve ever met thanks to Casey and the team she brought together at Cutwater. I have so much respect for what it takes to make a team like that happen. And to make it look so easy.

Ellie DeSilva

Ellie DeSilva

Principal / DeSilva Designs

Casey truly is gifted at creating departments and assembling some of the most talented teams. I have personally witnessed her construct them...including helping me with one of my own. From recruiting just the right staff, to building just the right project management software. Casey is a true visionary. I would jump at the chance to work with her again...any time...anywhere.

Joni Wittrup

Joni Wittrup

Freelance Art & Print Producer

I have enormous respect for Casey. I've known and worked with her for many years. Casey is one of a kind - intelligent, creative, extremely well-spoken and nice. She has a unique ability to create order where there is none, in a smart and simplified way. I can't recommend her highly enough.